Supply Chain

We help you optimize your overall supply chain by creating a harmonious and effective management of your business functions with the aim to achieve efficient flow of goods from supplier to end customers. Our cost-to-serve models will allow companies reveal unseen profits by reducing the costs through our tailor made processes, planning, procurement, logistics agility, inventory optimization and data analysis
Inside Introduction
  • Mimassi Consulting Group offers a variety of supply chain consulting solutions. Depending on your company’s situation, your goals, and strategy. MCG will help you grow and expand.

Our Services in Supply Chain:

Supply Chain Consulting
  • MCG will assist you in developing the tools and knowledge base necessary to develop cost-effective solutions for the different functions that make up supply chain, including warehousing, material handling, purchasing and distribution issues.
Procurement Consulting
  • MCG will assist you evaluate your current procurement procedures, recommend the best practices and processes. And assist you with implementation of the new procurement system.
Logistics Consulting
  • MCG will assist you plan and design building transport, inventory and location strategies around customer service goals, ensuring the best service at the lowest cost.
Warehouses Consulting
  • MCG will assist you design your distribution centers, inventory management techniques to optimize the workflow and costs. Tactical stock location and picking strategies and optimize target inventory.