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Tackling the complexity that lies beneath business processes takes precision tools & deep expertise

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Effective & timely response to the paradigm shifts of the business environment is the key for success for any organization. In order to thrive and be successful in this environment, organizations today need to blend their strategy, human capabilities, supply chain, commercial, finance & technological infrastructures, policies and procedures and expertise together.

A collaborative approach that integrates the organization’s leadership, human & digital capacities helps meet the expectations of all its stakeholders.

With experience of over two decades in the field of consulting, MCG advise organizations in developing & deploying strategic integrated solutions in the fields of strategy & growth, OD, human capital, technology and all support functions. Our integrated & customized services approach helps clients to deliver sustainable results through solid growth by balancing their strategic goals, employee needs & digital requirements. Our portfolio of services ranges in the field of Strategy, market analysis and growth, Leadership Consulting, HR Strategy, Digital Strategy, Supply Chain, Commercial, Finance and Accounting practices & Consulting for other Support Functions.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in driving transformational change that makes the businesses of our clients stronger and changing the lives of all stakeholders.

Mission Statement

Helping our clients achieve ‘Excellent’ business growth by providing integrated hands-on consulting solutions and streamlining the work flow of their management functions.