Strategy and Growth

MCG has the answers for the following questions you have in mind … Where you want to go? How you will get there? How you will measure success?
MCG help business owners and organizational leaders set the milestones for a grounded business procedure to accomplish outstanding outcomes by converting the organization’s vision into sequential goals and to put a practical and strategic plan that starts with assessing the current situation of the company, the competitors and the market situation.

Support areas

Your team is your key-support
  • We help your team to get onboard and aligned on your strategy; this is key for the implementation process later on
It’s hard to track what you cannot measure
  • We support you in setting strategic priorities and measurable goals so you know what success looks like for your organization and team
Never miss the “RIGHT” opportunity to stand out of the crowd
  • We help you trigger the right opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competitors
Key performance indicators
  • We track the KPIs and processes to detect the gaps and shed the light on the opportunities that will support future growth
Growth analysis
  • We do a cost/benefit analysis to determine the best opportunities for growth
What’s next
  • We help you figure out what to do next with organizational change and development
We can support your strategic goals across a wide variety of needs:
Business unit strategy
  • We help you sustain a competitive advantage and differentiate yourself over industry rivals.
Corporate methodology
  • We interfere in managing your businesses for maximum combined value resulting in more focused business choices, better capital allocation and a clear vision on how the center can create value for the businesses — through both value-adding capabilities and synergies
Growth methodology
  • We help you take advantage of opportunities for development. You’ll see sustainable growth rates increment, more steady profit margins and a decrease in the risk of failed initiatives. Another advantage: a bigger pipeline of confirmed growth opportunities
New product and service improvement
  • We bring a client focus to developing new products and services. A vital piece of this is building up a comprehension of client needs – both met and neglected – from your own product/service offerings in addition to those of your rivals to distinguish new opportunities