Operational Excellence


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Operational Excellence
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Operational Excellence

MCG helps companies to build the right operational excellence structure that is supported by methodologies and tools.

What is Operational Excellence?

It is a term where we use the methodologies and resources to achieve company satisfaction and strategic goals by enhancing the processes and services.

Why would your company need Operational Excellence?

Create a roadmap toward Continuous Improvement.
Improve efficiency with its four components: Right Operating Model, workforce planning, skilled staff, and Productivity.
Reduce Operation Risk caused by people and/or tools.
Help the management to take better decisions.
Improve customer experience.
Cost-driven solutions come first.
Continuous Control, monitor, and evaluate operation.

How does MCG improve your operations?

Functions and roles realignment.
Rationalization documents, stamps, signatures, and authorization.
Reengineer processes.
Set the right size of human capital.
Train Staff and prepare corporate culture.
Transfer knowledge and ownership.
Build/Improve Management KPIs.