Accounting and Audit

At MCG, we believe compliance and transparency distinguish a company from its
competitors. We provide companies with the knowhow to comply with IFRS and local regulations. Our expertise in the field makes this seemingly impossible task look effortless and simple.

Our different services in this area comprise of:

Internal Audit Service:

Provide clients with internal audit services that would alleviate their needs in finding and retaining top internal auditing talent which is a gruesome task. Perform financial and operational auditing, and special investigations requested by the client.

Tax Advisership:

Benefit from our multiregional presence to better address worldwide tax.

Tax Controversy:

Help MNCs with preventing controversy and keeping up with global tax regulations.


Assist clients in setting up internal control frameworks that best suit the industry and help detect, prevent, and correct the different operations in the company.


Assist clients in setting up financial policies and procedures and drive them towards reporting optimization and becoming IFRS compliant.

Compliance Testing:

Perform compliance testing and ensure that different operating mechanisms in the company are compliant with the set policies and procedures.